Adtran DSU III AR 1202011L1 DDSUJ602AA
All Rate DDS


Terminates 56/64k DDS link into a customer V.35 or DB25 EIA-232 DTE interface

The ADTRAN DSU III AR™ is a technologically advanced, high performance data service unit/channel service unit (DSU/CSU). This unit provides a reliable interface between the digital data service (DDS) or 4-wire Switched 56 (SW56) network and the customer’s data terminal equipment (DTE). The unit is an all-rate DSU/CSU supporting synchronous and asynchronous data rates on the primary channel and asynchronous data rates on the secondary channel. The synchronous primary channel rates supported are 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2, 38.4, 56, and 64 Kbps. Asynchronous data rates supported are 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2, 38.4 and 57.6 Kbps. Secondary channel data rates of 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200, and 2400 bps are offered depending upon the primary channel rate.

The DTE interface can be selected as either EIA-232 or V.35 for all data rates. The secondary channel interface is EIA-232 and is accessed through a separate connector.  Additional features of the DSU III AR include a DTE-to-service rate matching feature for both dedicated and switched modes, as well as various anti-streaming time-out values, to disable streaming terminals on a multi-point circuit. Private networks and modem tail circuits are accommodated through clocking/timing options.

In the 4-wire SW56 mode, dialing options include manual dialing, redialing, and dialing
of stored numbers. Dialing over the DTE interface is supported by use of an AT command
set or the V.25 bis in-band dialing protocol. The unit responds to standard loopback commands from the telephone company central office. In addition, the user has several built-in test capabilities. These include V.54 remote loopback, 2047 and 511 BERT test patterns, and four DDS stress patterns results of which are displayed on a two-line by 16-character LCD display and seven LEDs). The standalone unit’s front panel keypad
supports setup, selection of test modes, local and remote configuration, manual dialing,
automatic dialing from stored numbers. The rackmount unit can be configured through the Smart 16/16e shelf controller card, from a local/remote VT100 terminal from an ADTRAN DATAMATE. The DSU III can also be configured using AT or V.25 bis commands. A DC version of the standalone unit is also available. The DSU III AR DC supports all the functionality of the DSU III AR, except secondary channel.

DSU III AR standalone 1202011L1

DSU III AR rackmount 1200034L1

DSU III AR w/ISDN DBU rackmount 1200067L1

DSU III AR w/V.34 DBU rackmount 1200172L2

DSU III AR DC standalone 1200270L1

19" RM2AC Shelf 1200061L1

RM2AC Blank Cover 1200061L2

19" Dual ESP Shelf (for DSU III AR DC) 1200202L1

Dual ESP Blank Cover 1200202L2