HP Procurve Switch 9315m J4874A


HP Procurve Switch 9315m J4874A  The HP ProCurve Routing Switch 9300m series delivers a new level of
high-performance capabilities and investment protection for medium and large enterprise networks. By providing high-performance throughput from the wiring closet into the data center and out to the edge of the WAN, the
Routing Switch 9300m series’ non-blocking architecture enables network managers to build scalable and highly available network designs.

Features and benefits

• Enhanced Performance (EP) technology:

– Extended port density to enhance system capabilities and overall investment protection

– sFlow (RFC 3176) wire-speed traffic accounting and monitoring

– Jumbo frames on Gigabit and 10 Gigabit ports allow high-performance remote backup and disaster recovery services

– Increased on-board memory and flash capacity for more robust management capabilities

• 10 Gigabit Ethernet: simplify data center configurations and increase backbone throughput

• T-Flow traffic management: simultaneously process access control lists (ACLs), perform policy-based routing (PBR), perform network address translation (NAT), and collect and export statistics for NetFlow-based accounting and billing, all at wire speed

•Up to 345 million pps performance: provides the high performance required by large networks

• Layer 4 prioritization: delivers QoS (quality of service) for delay-sensitive applications

• IP/IPX/AppleTalk routing: provides routing of IP and IPX at media speed

• IP multicast routing: provides IGMP, DVMRP, PIM-dense, PIM-sparse, and PIM snooping mode support in routed environments to control multicast traffic

•Unparalleled security: protection against denial-of-service attacks; Secure Shell, Secure Copy, wire-speed rate limiting, and user authentication (with AAA, RADIUS, and TACACS+) prevent unauthorized network access and associated downtime

• Policy-based VLANs: allow you to assign VLANs on a port, protocol, subnet, or IEEE 802.1Q tagged basis

•Hardware-based wire-speed access control lists: feature rich ACL implementation (selective ACL logging, scalability, and syntax compatibility) to ensure high levels of security and ease of administration without impacting network performance

• Port trunking: for higher switch-to-switch and switch-to-server throughput and link-level redundancy, with support for standards-based link aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad)

• Next-generation Spanning Tree functionality: single instance STP, Per VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST), Per VLAN
Group STP (PVGST) based on IEEE 802.1s, and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol based on IEEE 802.1w all
provide improved availability and scalability for Spanning Tree-based networks

• Software updates: free downloads from the Web

• Optional redundant power supply: provides uninterrupted power for high availability

• Hot-swappable chassis modules: allow you to swap modules without interrupting the network

•Automatic routing switch failover: provides hot standby redundancy using standards-based VRRP (Virtual Router
Redundancy Protocol) or SRP (Standby Routing Protocol) • Optional redundant management: provides automatic
failover from the active management module to the standby management module for high availability

• Industry-leading warranty: one-year next-business-day advance replacement (available in most countries) with
extensions available

• Full-featured console: provides complete control of the switch with a familiar command line interface

•Web interface: allows you to configure the switch from any Web browser on the network


• HP ProCurve 9300 EP 48-Port 10/100-TX RJ-45 Module (J4881A)2
• HP ProCurve 9300 EP 8-Port Mini-GBIC Redundant Management Module (J4885A)
• HP ProCurve 9300 EP 48-Port 10/100-TX Telco (RJ-21) Module (J4889A)2
• HP ProCurve 9300 EP 16-Port Mini-GBIC Module (J4894A)2
• HP ProCurve 9300 EP 16-Port 100/1000-T Module (J4895A)2
• HP ProCurve 9300 10/100 Module (J4140A)3
• HP ProCurve 9300 100Base-FX Module (J4142A)3
• HP ProCurve 9300 1000Base-T Module (J4842A)3
• HP ProCurve 9300 Mini-GBIC Module (J4856A)3
• HP ProCurve 9300 Mini-GBIC Redundant Management Module (J4857A)
• HP ProCurve 9300 T-Flow Redundant Management Module (J4879A)4
• HP ProCurve 9300 10 Gb 10 km Module (J4891A)5
• HP ProCurve 9300 2-Port 10 GbE Module (J8174A) Redundant power supplies:
• HP ProCurve 9304/9308 Redundant Power Supply (J4147A)
• HP ProCurve 9315 Redundant Power Supply (J4875A) Mini-GBICs:
• HP ProCurve Gigabit-SX-LC Mini-GBIC (J4858A)
• HP ProCurve Gigabit-LX-LC Mini-GBIC (J4859A)
• HP ProCurve Gigabit-LH-LC Mini-GBIC (J4860A) XENPAK transceivers:
• HP ProCurve 9300 10 GbE LR Optic (J8173A)7


2 These modules require an EP management module (J4885A) in the same chassis.
3 These modules require a non-EP management module (J4857A or J4879A, for
example) in the same chassis.
4 Redundancy requires software version 07.6.01 or greater.
5 This module requires either the EP management module (J4885A) or the standard
management module (J4857A, for example).
6 This module requires software version 7.6.04 or greater.
7 For use with HP ProCurve 9300 2-Port 10 GbE Module (J8174A).
Note: EP and non-EP management modules cannot co-exist in
the same chassis.